portes et passages du retour


Portes et Passages is committed to the promotion and development of organic and sustainable architecture appropriate to the climate and region in which we are situated. Our aim is to build the Center of Art and Holistic Development by making use of various forms of architectural and methods that are in harmony with the above-mentioned principles and which can serve as models that may be duplicated throughout the region. In 2007 Portes et Passages received funding from the American Institute of Architects to erect its first Adobe Construction using Nubian Vault method. We presently organize earth building workshops, which serve to educate others in methods of construction which offer them an opportunity to learn building methods available to laymen and to expand the creative possibilities of such techniques and the ways in which they can be aesthetically enhanced. Our buildings are of innovative forms of construction with earth and straw or other forms of natural architecture that harmonize with the climate and resources in that particular region. We favour architectural constructions that make use of recycled materials and objects including parts from fishing boats for construction of doors and other architectural spaces, or ceramic tiles and wall paintings by the women potters of Nguéniène. We support the use of solar and wind energy, compost toilet systems, recycling and organic farming.

en francais / design Anne Merlin