portes et passages du retour


Portes et Passages organizes workshops that are designed for education, creative and cultural exchange in order to enlarge the innovative possibilities inherent within the cultural patrimony of the region. We seek therefore to develop the already existing talents in the community through the organization of encounters with individuals who have the capacity, through their own creative work and expertise, to inspire and expand upon the imaginative abilities of the local artisans. Check out the next earth building workshop!


In 2007 Portes et Passages organized its first ceramic workshop with the French ceramist and chemist, David Challier and the American sculptor and ceramist, Helen Ramsaran. The purpose of this encounter was to test the earth on the land owned by the association, which Challier was able to process into clay, an action forming the basis of all future ceramic and earth building workshops organized by Portes et Passages. It was during this first ceramic workshop that the association made its first formal contact with the women potters of the villages of Ngeniene and Keur Modi. Since this time we have organized regular workshops in our studio and continue to support the women with opportunities for exchange and in the development of their craft.

en francais / design Anne Merlin