portes et passages du retour


Portes et Passages is an art-centered association made up of artists and individuals engaged in the movement of social change working towards having a strong and lasting impact in the sphere of community development. Its purpose is to promote holistic consciousness toward the integral development of the arts and sciences within the society. Portes et Passages’ experience in and commitment to the rural region of Nguéniène has resulted in strengthening personal relationships between our members and its community, which has brought about a deeper understanding of the needs of the area. We are raising the awareness of creative values (given the varied definitions attributable to this term) and to helping improve the manner in which such values are manifested in the everyday lives of the inhabitants throughout the region. Our programs will encourage Intercultural exchange from all parts of the world in order to increase the dynamic manner in which African “development” may be enhanced. Although our association is open to membership and functions through the advice and partnership of various players, presently activities are primarily being implemented by the board members: Muhsana Ali and Amadou Kane Sy. As artists, we are able to offer a vision that non-artist run initiatives often lack. Our framework offers an incomparable tool for communication, enabling us to elaborate projects that can engage the public in a manner that is more profound.

en francais / design Anne Merlin